April 17, 2024

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Elevating Spirits: Carnival Xhibition’s New Release ‘More Than Ever’

Enter the colorful world of Carnival Xhibition, where desire has no limits, and the soul melds with rhythm. This powerful team from Orlando, Florida, leads listeners on a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment with their latest song, “More Than Ever.” This passionate anthem, which was released on March 15, 2024, is evidence of Carnival Xhibition’s distinctive fusion of musical inspirations and unwavering commitment to their craft.

Meet the faces behind the music: Slickfoot (Lashawn Bowens) and Steam Machine (Daniel Edell), two people whose passion for rhythm and soul has no boundaries. Slickfoot is a born musician who finds inspiration in her father’s musical tradition. On the other hand, Steam Machine’s adventure started in the school band when he fell in love with the guitar. As a duo dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional genres and producing something genuinely extraordinary, they make up the core of Carnival Xhibition.

“More Than Ever” is a statement of empowerment and self-worth rather than merely a song. The song, which was inspired by the classic Motown sounds, exhorts listeners to live life to the fullest and embrace their ambitions. “More Than Ever” is an upbeat song that reminds you that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. It has an infectious vibe that you can’t resist.

Carnival Xhibition, however, is more than just a duo of musicians; they are creators of inspiration, creating songs that speak to the soul. Their sound weaves together funk, rhythm, and soulful components to create a tapestry of sound that captivates the soul, transcending genre boundaries. They invite listeners to escape the chains of uncertainty and anxiety by weaving a story of empowerment and release with every note.

With the release of “More Than Ever,” Carnival Xhibition is ready to take the global stage by storm. They can inspire, motivate, and bring people together with their music, which is a celebration of the human experience. They want to inspire everyone who listens by reminding them that they are capable of greatness through their soul-stirring melodies and captivating performances.

Accompany Carnival Xhibition on their melodic journey as they persistently push the limits of imagination and ingenuity. Listen to “More Than Ever” on Spotify now to feel the enchantment for yourself. As you navigate life, let Carnival Xhibition’s music serve as your beacon of hope and inspiration. Their songs will give you courage and never-ending motivation.