June 15, 2024

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“Velvetstaircase”: Tim Hendricks’ Musical Journey Continues with Soulful New Track.

South African musician Tim Hendricks, an International African Award Nominated Singer/ Songwriter releases the brand new single Velvetstaircase off his forthcoming same titled album. The single is the first new material Tim has written since his 2018 album ‘Hopeless Wonder’.

Although life’s direction has turned for Tim, who is now teaching in China, happily married, and a father, he still has an unwavering passion for his music. Performing live whenever he can in between daily jobs and songwriting, Tim is constantly surrounded and inspired by music. The songwriting bug hasn’t left Tim, who thrives searching for that perfect song.

The full album ‘Velvetstaircase’ is preceded by 3 singles – the first single Velvetstaircase, Letting Go and Apple Day. The full album will be released later in the year.


“Velvetstaircase is about idealism in relationships and how sometimes we keep pushing or reaching for more. I wrote the song on holiday at the beach after a run. My feelings at the time were that I had a desire to do more with my abilities as a songwriter and musician. Pushing myself into uncharted territory and finding the sound I had in my head for the song.

Velvetstaircase is an ode to the sounds of records that I listen to often. James A Tobin and I  produced the song together

The recording and production took place in Zhengzhou China. Drum tracking and mixing took place in Constantia Cape Town and the Mastering process was done by Don Grossinger in New York City and I wrote the song in Houtbay Cape Town, so the song is truly International.

Outside of the production and songwriting process, I have definitely changed a lot since my last album. I have taken the time to start a family, enjoying the joys that come with being a dad which I can hear comes out in the music,” says Tim.


VelvetStaircase is out now.

Tim Hendricks – Velvetstaircase (lnkfi.re)


Twitter: @timmyhendricks

Facebook: /timihendricks or pages Tim Hendricks, Tim Hendricks Project.