April 17, 2024

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Persephone Unveils Captivating J-Pop Anthem ‘Be With Me’

Persephone, the vibrant alter ego of 19-year-old Olivia Millin, is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape with her upcoming JPop single, “Be With Me.” Initiating her artistic odyssey at the tender age of 7, Olivia’s extraordinary talent secured her the runner-up position at the prestigious Jimmy Award in 2023, firmly establishing her as Florida’s premier artist in the Broadway domain.

Venturing boldly into uncharted musical territory, Persephone represents not just a musical evolution but a cultural revelry. Proficient in Japanese after three years of dedicated study and an immersive trip to Japan, Olivia seamlessly fuses her passion for JPop with her inherent skill for crafting infectious and original melodies. Persephone aspires to embody the charm, uniqueness, and energy synonymous with Japanese culture, aiming to cultivate an American appreciation for JPop and its rich traditions.

Motivated by a personal connection to her mission, Persephone, who endured childhood bullying and wore a scoliosis brace, is on a quest to empower young individuals to embrace their individuality and find worth in their differences. While the lyrics of “Be With Me” may not unveil a detailed narrative, the accompanying video intricately narrates the tale of Persephone, a JPop idol navigating the challenges of preserving anonymity as a student. Confronting bullying at school, she finds solace in the acceptance of a boy who values her for her authentic self.

The storyline takes a turn when her primary tormentor, also the object of her affection, uncovers her true identity after a concert. In a poignant moment, Persephone chooses genuine love over fleeting admiration. Featuring audience interaction, dynamic dance routines with accompanying dancers, and enchanting backdrops portraying her as an anime character, Persephone envisions bridging the cultural gap between American and JPop traditions, radiating cuteness, sweetness, and irresistible charm.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Yoasobi, Iris, Atarashii Gakkou, and members of Wake-up Girls, Persephone’s unique journey is further molded by her experiences of rejection, echoing the transformative power of music in her life. Olivia acknowledges the influence of Lady Gaga, recognizing a shared journey of breaking molds and embracing uniqueness.

In her strategic approach to music promotion, Persephone has tactically submitted “Be With Me” to various curator hubs, amassing significant accolades. Her approach reflects a commitment to authenticity and a genuine connection with her audience. As Persephone steps onto the JPop scene, Olivia Millin extends an invitation to join her on a celestial musical journey that transcends entertainment, fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment, and cultural appreciation.