May 27, 2024

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Blake Holmes Speaks His Authentic Truth on Upcoming EP “Time Heals You. Almost”

With the leading single, “So 4real” arriving on October 15th, Blake Holmes is in go mode for the release of his upcoming EP, “Time Heals You. Almost.”

Washington, DC native Blake Holmes is the real deal as an artist, a producer, an engineer, director, and entrepreneur. His talents are endless and have been cultivated over the past 10 years. Growing up with music being a regular part of his life due to his loving adoptive parents, Blake Holmes was a young genius in the making. Car rides vibing to soulful artists like Michael Jackson, Price, and Luther Vandross, instilled quality music within him at an early age. That took on an even greater mantra in his career after discovering lyrical artistic masters like Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi.

Blake Holmes’ dedication to the art of rhyming has made him an exceptional artist; authentic, knowledgeable, and versatile. He has since worked with artists like Cj Hilton, Eric G, Brandon Broadnax and Wes Felton and has taken the next step in his career, launching his own record label, Rebuilding Minds Entertainment. Not only have Blake Holmes executive produced all of his albums, but also the albums “Dear Karma” by Luvie J, “Rise of A King EP” by Kxng Coco, and “Luv Bomb” by The Luv Theory. This coupled with his writing, directing, and engineering for other major artists has made Blake Holmes as multifaceted as they come.

Music was the pathway to overcoming his struggles, submerging himself in its sound to fill the void stemming from loss and trauma of his past. His upcoming EP, “Time Heals You. Almost” will be an open book of his life and experiences over the years. What fans can look forward to across the 5-track project is Blake Holmes telling a tale of the deepest parts of himself over vivid lyrical melodies that depict in perfect audible visuals, every emotion and thought. He’s endured many ups and downs over the past few years and this EP is his musical therapy to express everything he’s being holding inside. Nothing is off limits; his mountains, the climb, overcoming its obstacles, right down to the scars that still linger in his victory. The EP marks a new beginning to his path ahead as an artist and human being. “Time Heals You. Almost” is motivation to listeners to never give up on their dreams, and a memento that reminds Blake Holmes of his worth and purpose as an artist. The first single “So 4real” produced by Grammy nominated producer Eric G will arrive on October 15th with an accompanying visual and be a teaser to the depth that awaits in the project. Along with the EP, fans can also get their hands on exclusive NFT and merch like hoodies, vinyls, and coloring books among others created alongside artist Vinny ATY.

Blake Holmes has his eyes on a legacy with Grammy awards and his independent label being recognized on the level of Master P’s, No Limit. Follow his socials and stay tuned for “So 4real’s” arrival on his website and on all streaming platforms.
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