May 27, 2024

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‘Dima Koah’ is Back with a Catchy Pop Single “22”

The Chicago-based Dima Koah has been one of the most exciting artists of 2021. Following the breakout of his track “Intentions,” Dima is back with a solo single “22” that is primed for success in the pop rap subgenre.

Experimenting with different styles has allowed the artist to discover his sound while chasing his next hit. Dima Koah first announced “22” by teasing a snippet on Instagram earlier this month. Sending his fans into a frenzy, the long-awaited track was to be released by the end of the year and it’s finally here.

Bringing a totally new attitude to hip-hop, the artist blends rap rhythm with an exciting pop tempo, clocking in at under 3 minutes. As his music career continues gaining traction, the rising star has just added another hit song to his catalog.

Quotable Lyrics:

22, she so bad, she already know that
Double G, Gucci belt, playing hard to get at

Check out “22” and let us know if you’re adding it to your rotation on Spotify.
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