April 12, 2024

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Greek electronic music composer Tasos P., has released the fourth single ‘SoulFunky’ from his album ‘Retro Boy’

Winner of a Silver Medal Global Award in USA for his compilation album “The Libra Sessions”, Greek electronic music composer Tasos P., recently released his third album called “Retro Boy” by FM Records.

The 80’s inspired album includes the tracks “Isolated”, “Humane (Peace & Love)” and the greek language song “Pes mou ti simainei agapi” (Tell me what Love means), which were all released as singles in 2020.

The fourth single from the album is called “SoulFunky”, an instrumental track with funky electric guitar and smooth piano, giving a nostalgic 80’s vibe which would be best suited as a soundtrack.

The music video for the song is animated in a retro aesthetic design and you can watch it here on YouTube.
The artwork for “Retro Boy” is animated in a neo light style and is out on all digital platforms and physically, and is also available in a limited edition vinyl CD in all Reload Stores.

Connect with Tasos P. here: