June 23, 2024

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International Diva and super talented pianist ‘Marina Arsenijevic’ releases beautiful new songs in the form of ‘Delilah’ and ‘My Beauty’

In need of a durable entity that will guarantee tons of heart contented music for you?

A type of high revelation of soothing and alluring harmonies endearing your greatest aspirations?

Well, peek no further as your dream has achieved its destination in extents of the diva Marina Arsenijevic ascending on the audiences around the globe with her self-composed astounding music and significant piano sounds literally melting your ears and giving you a zest of what soothing aesthetics can be.

Music has always been the everlasting beautiful monotony for Marina, harboured with the serenity of music inside and music outside, a surging star enabling her fingertips to concede to the universal appeal of piano music at just the age of four and pertaining with her talented roots of genes. Being a Serbian born American pianist as well as an exceptionally competent composer, it seems as if fate had a plan to endow her the proficiency to compel the world her own. Indeed, a star led to shine elevated high in the sky.

Unleashing her potentials of rhythmic commencements with her fingers on the piano tiles generating soulful melodies and lively essence made Marina rise to the fame and showcased that the world was about to witness the star that was plunged to cultivate new memories with albums like “Ethno Classic & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mother Tongue, My Balkan Soul, Fire & Soul, Chopin: Waltzes and Marina at West Point”.  Hence, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to assert that these albums exhibited the transitional maturing of transcending music that extorted the hearts of countless music lovers.

Enlightening the indignation of popularity, Marina’s talent was exacted into glimmer when she was invited for events like playing solo at “Carnegie Hall, performing for Marina in America, White House for the First Ladies luncheon with former first lady, Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, Chicago Symphony Center, Chicago’s Navy Pier and the Toronto Centre for the Arts” and many more worth mentioning events coveting a lot of affection and assistance from around the globe with heightening number of fan following in this journey of hers to a light hearted, synchronized and miraculous festival that will forever engrave in your disposition.

A gifted carried queen and a talented reality recognized by those have an eye to that reality, Marina was discerned worldwide with invitations to events like “Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s anniversary party, opening night at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, The 2016 DVF Awards and the 2015 Women & Fashion Film Fest in New York City” showing the enlightening as an act that prevails for those who are ready to endow themselves in it.

What to anticipate from this diva?

Well lots and lots of empowering songs like “A piece of my sky, Balkan suite and Gypsies” with soulful harmonies that yanks you in a world unique than us, full of breath-taking delivering music and captivating energy making the audience utter “Simply a Queen”.


My Beauty