July 24, 2024

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Jigg University Presents: Autasia and Rasheda De’loach, a powerhouse duo

The JU is also known as Jigg University, was a stage featuring foot artists around the Baton Rouge region once, and has been transformed as the first historical speaking school celebrating the city. By working as an impending record name and special group, JU has reformed the expression of class jokester by social occasion.

The understudy body of JU incorporated artists, DJs, Videographers, and craftsmen is taken to the most sizzling occasions across the city. It also closes down the homeroom to facilitate pre-game events at various locations, including clubs and other settings.

Two of these university students that were not strangers to the grind came out as a talent powerhouse.
Autasia and Rasheda De’loach: A superhit siblings’ duo
Autasia and Rasheda De’loach, also known as a brother-sister talent powerhouse, always knew that they are gifted with something special in the area of sound. Since adolescence, they knew how to provide balance in the areas of sound where others weren’t able to.

Rasheda De’loach possessed a lyrical wit and had his library of self-composed productions along with fan favorites with a slight but amazing spin.
On the other hand, Autasia has the art of creating blissful melodies. Along with this, the knowledge of Autasia regarding specific genres helped this siblings’ duo to create an alliance that brought a unique and favorable merging in the sound, occasional visits to different venues, and vibes of Jigga City.

The potential of Rasheda and Autasia isn’t unnoticed anymore.
As Rasheda has come up with long-term success in the music industry, therefore, his greatness for potential has not remained unnoticed for so long. His artistry has been endorsed by some high-profile artists, including the legendary Russel Simmons and Phunk Dawg, a multi-platinum producer.
Even though Rasheda is an underdog even at present on the music industry’s scene, he isn’t a stranger anymore to the indulgence. It is because the masses have admired his work.

As Baton Rouge’s most viral track’s creator (Can’t Stop Jiggin’), he was pretty sure that he is doing something fulfilling. Because his spin of “Can’t Stop Jiggin'” has become a viral hit and taken an additional spot on the Jigg City map.

While Autasia is also rising from the depths of the healthcare and anime world with her musical craftsmanship, she understands that it is the right time for her to take the spotlight. Although she was working as a full-time nurse already, Autasia has created her place on the table due to her passion and love for music.

As she is advocating mental health as well; therefore, she always uses her pen strategically to bring awareness to infiltrate the black community and put her efforts in normalizing speaking up on this matter.
Final thoughts

Both of the siblings are gearing up for success at the doorstep of Jigg University. As they are creating a sound that hasn’t been heard before. Therefore, it is guaranteed that things are going to be in their favor not only in Jigga City but also worldwide.

To get a taste of their sound. You can watch the video here