July 24, 2024

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Julian Jordan talks ‘Need You,’ electronic music, Billie Eilish 

On his new track “I Need You,” Jordan said, “I received vocals from SMBDY, and I immediately wanted to work on it. I felt the vocals had so much potential. That made the studio sessions and working on this track a lot of fun. I made the melody pretty fast and worked on mastering the track day and night until the record was perfect for me.”

Regarding his plans for the year, Jordan shared, “2019 is going to be filled with lots and lots of new music. Really have the feeling that 2019 is going to be my year, my energy level is at 2000 percent, and everything that is going to be released is next level.” When asked what he loves most about electronic music, Jordan said, “I really love creating music that touches people. It’s amazing to see and especially feel what the music is doing to the crowd when you play a track for the first time. The energy dance music brings to the crowd is something I really love.” Jordan noted that his music is inspired by almost everything such as going out at night and traveling. “It is really inspiring for me to see other artists working. Watching documentaries about artists and successful entrepreneurs also inspires me to keep going and always to try to be the best version myself. Also, I can recommend watching an after movie from a festival once in a while, it will give you a lot of positive energy and vibes,” he explained. Digital transformation of the electronic music industry On the impact of technology on the music business, Jordan said, “Technology is something positive in my opinion. It makes it easy to discover all types of genres and music. For example, if I put on a playlist and listen to a song, I like to that I receive recommendations for similar songs. It’s like digging crates back in the days, but much easier and faster.” Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as an electronic musician, Jordan said, “These days almost everything happens online, my contact with management, PR or other artists for promo. Also, I work on my laptop most of the time, meaning my studio is super portable. I have my mobile phone too, which I’m a little addicted to, but actually, 90 percent of my business is happening on there.” He listed “Glitch,” his collaboration with Martin Garrix as his favorite track to play at the moment. Jordan listed Billie Eilish as his dream female collaboration choice in music. “I really love her sound and vibe. Would love to produce something for her and see her work,” he said.

For his fans and listeners, Jordan concluded about “Need You,” “Go check it out. It’s a really fresh track and I think it’s a perfect fit for every occasion. Whether you are driving your car or dancing at a crazy party, this is the right track.” “Need You” by Julian Jordan is available on Spotify and on iTunes.