April 12, 2024

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‘Olivia Rees’ is back and this time ‘Exposed’ as she relaxes men all over the world with her entrancing R&B sound on ‘Exposed’

Listening to the same genre and the similar music type can make you fatigued over and over again.

If that’s your condition right now and you’re sad about it then don’t be as we have found a solution to this peculiar problem of yours in terms of a new musical artist who is the commodity of uniqueness herself named as “Olivia Rees”, the only name who would be on your bias list from today onwards as she will allure you all with her capabilities that will delight you to join her on the musical venture she is setting forward to. Exciting? So, everyone wear that seat belt of yours as it’s going to be a roller coaster of up and down excitements.

Are you ready? let’s go.

Who is Olivia Rees and what musical capability she has? You might be wondering the similar question. Olivia is a new upcoming artist who is officially debuting in the music industry to create such new innovative trends that will make her the diva of music industry. And why wouldn’t it be the case? As an artist who started playing guitar at just the age of 12, we cannot imagine how that talent would have been nourished till now. Olivia is natural born star who was born to set the world on fire and imprint her name on the world by that remarkable talent of hers of producing such alluring and astounding songs with mixed genres that gives something unique for others to relish.

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Mixing variety of genres into a single universal blasting symphony is what Olivia is capable of. The world will from now on will be the witness to competence who will compose “slow” tunes, like “Leave it Alone”, as well as some veritable party tracks, like “Sugar and Spice” revealing the artists versatility of Olivia both as an artist and as a person and not only these songs are soothing to hear but also carry such intense messages that soothes the hearts and souls of all those who had been wounded by the harshness of life the best specimen being “Darker Night” and “Trust Issues”  which in particular speak out to people who have been abandoned and neglected by their cherished ones. What a touching personality.

All of us have been deeply affected by life in some way or the other and have the deepest aspiration to relieve that pains through something that will be both encouraging and soothing. Olivia has the same initiative to develop such worth listening songs that her fans could relate to deeming the fact that she herself has been a victim of abuse and considers self-empowering as an important aspect. We would miss out so much if we won’t bias Olivia who is competent, always brings out the best of music and has lit collaborations with as L.A. rapper Mr. D.M.A and the validity that her music is inspired by all the countries she be settled in.