July 16, 2024

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W.M.E Rap and R&B drop of the week: KREW, LLC Announces the New Album Striving from Theolodge

Krew, LLC is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Theolodge, titled ‘Striving’ available on all streaming platforms.

‘Striving’ is the growth of what Theolodge has to offer the world. With his melodic sound and the way he put together songs like Old Ways and One Hater, you will be able to see why Theolodge is a fan favorite.

Theolodge has travelled to Europe on tour for two years and that helped shape the sound of this album.

Striving is more than an album it is the way Theolodge approaches his career.

Theolodge is Striving to be the best artist, philanthropist and human. This project help you understand all the many levels of Theolodge.

Theolodge believes if “you don’t BELIEVE in yourself, who will”.  #ThatsKREW