July 24, 2024

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WEEKLY MUSIC EXPRESS INSIDE STORY: ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ songwriter, singer and rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ talks exclusively to W.M.E about his moving rock tribute to frontline workers amid Covid-19.

Extraordinary times requires the same extraordinary efforts to equalise the situation and none more so has been exemplified by the Keyworkers around the world.

While we all in our own small ways did our bit to ease the pressure on our health infrastructures, it seems incomparable to the front line staff who in many cases have literally given their lives to save others.

The word Hero should only be used in such cases where someone stepped out beyond the call of duty and gave everything to make the world a kinder and more stable place to live in.

Feeling the need to honour this sacrifice and bravery Irish solo artist Dar.Ra has stepped up to the plate and written the ultimate anthem for the Key Workers, to thank and remember long after this situation has changed.

It’s all too easy sometimes to forget what previous generations have done to change the world for the better. People sit in the luxury of criticising actions of people who showed leadership in times of crisis. The classic statement of ‘What Did You Do In The Great War or The Great Pandemic’ will always ring true, and for those of us with a conscience will be able to say I did my bit.

The tribute song is titled ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’  is a solemn, strings, vocal and piano arrangement that drives home the enormity of the situation with a lyric that tells the story of the every day fight in the frontlines. While some gave all, some just caused more confusion, amplified by the lyric

“The world is unsteady on its feet, some trying so hard while others close their eyes’

Equally followed by the lines

‘So much is owed to you, and that sacrifice will never be repaid’.

While we are reminded by the vocals that the ‘Tears that have fallen will never be forgotten’ we are urged to pay our respects by ‘Standing Up For Heroes’.

That standing up is not just about applause but by valuing their services with the money they deserve.

Stand up for the heroes dar.ra

WEEKLY MUSIC EXPRESS INTERVIEW INSIDE STORY: ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’  songwriter, singer and rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ talks exclusively to W.M.E about his moving rock tribute to frontline workers amid Covid-19.  – Weekly Music Express.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Dar.Ra – Stand up for the heroes – INSIDE STORY. 

You have a track record in the industry that goes back quite a bit.  What is the difference being a Musician and an Artist in the 1990’s To 2020?

When I left school there was a record industry, now there is not.
You had a chance of getting signed and getting some money, but if you didn’t break with your first couple of singles it was game over.
Now you can put out what you want but there’s not much money.
It has not ever been an easy game and only the dreamers would try.
Of course there is money for the people who are happy to sell their dreams and become something that the investors want to mold into something else.

What changes would you like to see to the world after we progress out of this new normal?

That we take our foot off the gas and not be so driven by profit over the planet.
I think when your faced with an end game and possible death it makes you value what’s really important. Some people didn’t get affected by the virus so they will just be the same as they where before and put their snake skin boots back on and shoot everything in sight. I think its game up though for those people. Eventually Karma will turn up on their doorstep and ask for a return for all that destruction. It is sad that people think short term.

You have an album out called New Kinda Normal where you predict a change in the way we live.

Its just me saying that no matter what crisis comes people will carry on consuming.  I remember when we had troops in Afganistan and Iraq and they where coming home in coffins and being driven through a military town in the UK.  The majority of people where just carrying on like nothing was happening.  Still shopping and eating in flash eateries, not even talking about it.

What things make you angry in your life?

Cruelty and lack of respect for the planet.  I don’t really understand people who don’t love the world that feeds them, puts clothes on them allows them to drive their cars and have the most amazing experiences. It is beyond me.

Do you feel that music is the powerful force that it was back in Golden Age Of Rock n Roll?

It is still powerful and can still have an impact, it is just less important to people in terms of supporting it. There are a lot more competitors for attention now. The internet made everything free so people don’t value it like they use to when you had to pay for a release. I think all the pop factor shows also made everyone think that’s the way you have to go if you want to be successful.
It’s a narrow funnel to push everyone down and it has no real foundation it is build to be thrown away. That’s why the next Jimi Hendrix is not going to happen anytime soon. There is not a mainstream platform to allow that kind of artist to breathe.

Why should people listen to you?

I make art for people who want something they can escape into and not feel short changed. I am not making it for everyone, but if you love storylines, sub plots, layers of sonic landscapes and someone who gives everything they can into a project then you might want to tune in.

If you could change anything with the power of a song what would it be ?

That we as a species see through the illusion of dog eat dog primitive thinking.

Why do you feel people hate musicians who get involved with politics or climate change?

The politicians do not want us to think for ourselves as most minds think in boxes.  The nation cannot be controlled if they are free thinkers.

How do you stay inspired?

By watching interesting people doing amazing things and breaking the boxes up.

What does Social Media mean to you?

A massive chance to create a global network for change.

How do you feel the internet is changing since its first inception?

It used to be the wild west in the early 2000s and probably needed some kind of quality control, now its in danger of being shaped into something that looks like another box.

Your latest track ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ is a tribute to the Frontline Workers and tells their story of the role they took in this pandemic. Why do you think People will respond to a track with that depth when its clear they only respond to celebrities singing sentimental Cover versions.

I think life is about having options, if  all you have is sugar coated celebrities signing ‘Imagine’ with all the depth of the shallow end of a swimming pool, then frankly you might as well listen to your neighbours lawn mower.  I just felt the need to say something and give people something to sing when the applause ends. The film and the song is a powerful combination that will stand as a testament to the sacrifice that these Frontline workers gave. Proceeds will go to Frontline Charities as they need more than applause and the end of this round of the situation.
The track is available through Band-Camp and the link is on the You Tube Video.
Big thanks to all the supporters out there.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In a studio somewhere in the world trying to split the atom with a frequency shape-shifting device I just invented.

More Pop Facts about Dar.Ra and ‘Stand up for the heroes’.

From the Refuse Collectors, Shop Sales Assistants, Hospital Porters, Care Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers and everyone else who kept the ball rolling while the majority of us were being asked to stay safe at home – a small price to pay for the safety of others.

Dar.Ra is currently the Music Blog Cover Star for Top Hitz UK Music Blog. Dar.Ra will also be taking the UK New Music Radio station, Londonfm.digital over once every hour at a random time.

Dar.Ra will be talking directly to Londonfm.digital listeners about the song and share their messages of Coronavirus related stories of hope, love and triumph.

Every piece of history needs a piece of music that sums up the moment as Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ did during in WW2, maybe ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ will do the same for generations to come.

Stand Up For The Heroes will be released as a stand alone track on Kusha Deep Records and proceeds will go towards funding for people who are in the frontlines helping to change the situation.


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