June 15, 2024

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WME HAUNTING POP HITS OF 2020: A new melodic angel arrives in the form ‘Anjelica’ with her heaven sent alternative epic pop sound on her timeless single ‘Good Ones’

Anjelica’s “Good Ones” is like the moment between two deep breaths. There is just as much emotion, doubt, and unknown strength in this little-known musical gem as there is in the second when you find the power to go on, if that makes sense.

It’s a terribly emotional song, but not in a way that’s soppy or embarrassing. It’s the sort of song that hits you straight in the feels and makes you choke up, and the most interesting thing is, you don’t even know why it happens. So skilled this woman is at expressing her sorrow through music that you find yourself mourning and you don’t even know what for.

You just feel your stomach’s twisted up in a knot, and you can barely breathe with this immense weight on your shoulders. And I don’t know if that’s what Anjelica feels herself, but that’s what she makes her listeners feel with her new hit “Good Ones”.

WME HAUNTING POP HITS OF 2020:  A new melodic angel arrives in the form ‘Anjelica’ with her heaven sent alternative epic pop sound on her timeless ‘Good Ones’  – Weekly Music Express.com

The title is delightfully imprecise, so that it could mean just about anything. It’s a reference, though to what, you must decide. Of course, the lyrics are not without their fair share of clues (as is the case with all quality songs).

In fact, listening to the tune, you become quite convinced that what Anjelica is asking, quite vocally, actually, is “why do the good ones have to die?”.


And you think to yourself, oh then that’s what the title means. Yes and no. the title can mean so much more.

Through this lack of precision, Anjelica actually turns these two words to her advantage, allowing her audience to conjure up their own good ones, their own questions and battles. You relate to the song and you don’t even rightly know over what.

Whatever it is, the more you listen to Anjelica’s haunting voice, you become more and more convinced that you will get out of this, that you will break through to the other side stronger. It’s a powerful song that makes you feel powerful in turn.