June 15, 2024

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WME WORLD CLASS OPERA POP: The majestic, sweet and angelic voice of ‘John Riesen’ is unbelievable on new piano love song ‘You’re The Best’

John Riesen, the inscription that is shining brightly among the names being the connotation of essence and fraternity. Indeed, you heard the name right. John Riesen, the forthcoming rising superstar and an artist who is bringing the concept of musical tracks along with harmonic tracks for opera in pretence of the world as the luminous instance of “competence existing as an entity”.

Being a musical artist as well as an opera performer, John has grabbed the spotlight of audience who had the opportunity of glimpsing this idol’s performance and fell in love with his charms he attributed all through his staging.

Working hard while always going hardcore at the stage is the ultimatum for this fella who has the intention of work hard get hard. The achievements of John Riesen just make you aww at the potential unravelling this fellow as an artist delighting the world.

Performing at stage in front of hundreds of people and snatching their attention is not something susceptible but for this innovative personality, it seems a piece of cake who has already done so by grabbing 40 leading roles at the most famous musical theaters out there throughout the United States comprising of “Atlanta Opera, Michigan Opera Theatre, Des Moines Metro Opera, Anchorage Opera, Opera Birmingham, Opera Columbus, Shreveport Opera, Pensacola Opera, Intermountain Opera Bozeman, Tri-Cities Opera, Ithaca Opera”

The fact that idols are born from idols is an aspect for John Reisen whose father Craig Reisen also had the same capability as of John of rendering music with such heartfelt lyrics that could engrave sentimental feelings in others.

The valid emotional single song “You’re the best” was penned by his father and devoted it to his caring mother who had departed. Hearing the song makes one heart and disposing soul feel the rhythm and the bucket full of emotions associated with the melodies that create those memories that will last till the world will last.

Conveying the smooth, sweet yet ongoing tone, the song “You’re the best” is the compassionate desire to be with your loved one.

It is said that offspring are the true reflection of their parents. How ironic. Following his father’s footsteps, John has devoted himself for music and opera which represents his life as a whole while encompassing the true rhythmic commencement of music within and music overall.

Becoming his fan would means lots of energy packed performances, musical tracks and lit collaborations with artists like the diva and queen Marina Arsenijevic. What can be more majestic than this? So why waste more time. Go and bless yourself with the song “You’re the best” and enjoy the permanent serenity coming your way.