May 27, 2024

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World News: GHiA launches Solo Career with provocative debut single BOSSYBOOTS taken off her inaugural solo EP – ‘State Of Being’

Ghia’s solo music career has been almost a decade in the making, though during this time she has established herself as a vibrant local performer comfortable on stage and screen.


As an artist, Ghia is driven by music’s ability to create singular moods, which forms the basis of her solo vocal explorations.


The edgy, provocative, political and pulsing first single BossyBoots, taken off her debut EP State Of Being, showcases a brand new frontier in Ghia’s sound and artistic expression.


BOSSYBOOTS is a surreptitiously political track that addresses sexism, racism and general states of entitlement that surprisingly remain prevalent in today’s society. During this song, Ghia (with catchy hook) takes a stand against the perpetrators of these crimes, and finds a way to remain positive, despite it all.


For this EP, Ghia collaborated with many acclaimed creative professionals that crossed her path over the years, including Rian Zietsman and Louis Nel of Sticky Music (Taxi Violence and Beast,) Mr Sakitumi (Lark and Jeremy Loops), Kurt Diedericks ‘Kumodi’ (Southpaw and Sannie Fox) and Luke Langston ‘TehSynes’.




Dark and light, street and glam, GHiA debuts her music video BossyBoots.



BossyBoots is a sassy, fun and fierce assertion of personal agency and confidence against those who attempt to dictate who we should be and how we should act. The video’s choreography and specific style reflect Ghia’s cheeky, dark sensibility, and includes an element of voguing —a subversive dance style defined by its sass and attitude. The rhythmic beat of the song evokes the rhythmic visual edits of fashion films, and underlines the satirical subtext of the lyrics. The video meets the vocal with its feisty street-style, glam-pop costuming and clubby lighting effects. Cut together in a kaleidoscope of flashes and colour, BossyBoots gives one the sense of the high-energy, avant-garde fashion films of the 70s and 80s.


BossyBoots is a joyous statement of right-to-be and speaking truth-to-power, simultaneously having fun, and throwing shade.

The songs on my debut EP are all deeply personal. At the time of writing and developing these songs, I was inspired by experiences surrounding my creative process and decided to explore the notion of grappling with life’s challenges. Looking back, it was a vulnerable place to be, but I find strength in the fragility that pushed me to expand my creative boundaries. It is thanks to these struggles that I was able to find my core, my voice,” says Ghia.


State Of Being includes five original songs written and produced over the last four-years –a time of great personal and artistic self-discovery. State of Being, as a collection of songs, expresses Ghia’s  insatiable drive to harness the energy of this maddeningly intriguing world we live in



STATE OF BEING is available now on all major retailers