July 24, 2024

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ABM releases classic single ‘Rumba Samba’

ABM, a rapper/singer/songwriter from the island of Trinidad in the West Indies has recently released his new single: Rumba Samba. This song is energetic and combines the style of reggae, dancehall, and soca. It has the perfect beat and energy for a wild time on the dance floor. The song features ABM’s signature sound and has been well received by fans. While this classic single is new to the music world, AMB isn’t. His success in the music industry starts all the way back when he graduated from college. Thanks to his athletic abilities, AMB was able to get a scholarship to Grambling State University in Louisiana where he studied to earn a degree in engineering. This paved the way for his entrance into music when he moved from Louisiana out to the West Coast. Initially, he was looking for a more tropical climate that reminded him of his home country. However, when he reached the West Coast he started truly discovering his passion for music. Since he had studied engineering, ABM was able to use that as an entry wedge to become a musical engineer. However, ABM didn’t stop there. His passion soon led him to continue his musical pursuits and become both a writer and producer. Eventually, he also began his career as a singer and wrapper. On top of these achievements, ABM was able to launch his own indie record label company back in May 2005 named Platinum Trini Entertainment. The company is still thriving along with the popular radio station he created called “Platinum Trini Hot 97 FM”. After over a decade of working behind the scenes and collaborating with various music artists like Walka Flocka, Flesh-n-bone, and many others, ABM decided it was time to step into the spotlight. Rumba Sumba is just a glimpse of the talent and passion that this outstanding musician has to offer. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of his work in the near future.