July 16, 2024

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‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

There comes a time, in anyone’s life, when they just gotta close their eyes, and listen to the music. There are some days when you just need a track that hits you just right, and fills you with attitude, and makes you feel alright, again. That’s what Mr. Reaper’s latest hit single “Awaken” does. Packed with attitude and a whole lotta guts, “Awaken” is the sort of track that fills your head, and somehow manages to express everything you’re feeling right now. It’s a riveting journey that deals with ambition, and courage, but also deep vulnerability, and fear.

“Awaken” is one of the most intimate releases to come out of 2022. It takes us to the very heart of this fascinating young artist, and helps us understand the struggle, joy, and the profoundly exhilarating experience that is that road to the top.

Mr. Reaper’s voice has a rich, velvety quality to it that fills your ears, and awakens all sorts of emotions inside your soul. It has this amazing feel to it, like he’s talking to just you, out of all the people listening to his music. Mr. Reaper definitely knows how to build a connection with his audience, which perhaps explains the fierce loyalty he inspires in people.

Coupled with the tantalizing, secretive, very low-key melody that accompanies his voice, Mr. Reaper’s got an instant success on his hands with “Awaken”. Having enjoyed previous successes with tracks like “Thru the Dark”, which racked up a whopping 200k streams on Spotify, Mr. Reaper comes at us with a brand new track, hot out of the recording room.

“Awaken”, true to its title, does just that for the audience willing to listen. It awakens you to something deep in your soul, that ambition, that something pushing for legendary level. And it also awakens you to the immense potential this one highly gifted artist’s got.