May 27, 2024

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Big Willow Taking Over Music and Film With His Muuzictyme Ent. Network and Muuzic Distro Platform

Juggling multiple talents made possible by his creative mind, Big Willow envisions change through his MuuzicTyme Ent. Network and Muuzic Distro platform.

William H. McKinney III is Detroit’s very own creative genius that has been materializing his dreams of innovating the music and film industry. Under his creative alias, Big Willow, he has found inspiration in the legends before him that elevated Detroit to the level of popularity that it has in the industry. Pioneers like Berry Gordy and Motown Founder left the blueprint for modern day creatives like Big Willow to navigate their path and that’s exactly what Big Willow did. Following in their footsteps, he aims to etch his name into the history books as well and inspire generations to come.

This drive to become like, and even excel beyond those that came before him gave rise to a level of innovation that was yet to be seen. As time progressed, so did Big Willow’s career in the film and music industry. His name became synonymous with great things. Big Willow has to date produced 15 memorable independent films, taking the Michigan Film Industry and revitalizing its movement with his Detroit Classic film, “CornerStore.” He has been credited with revolutionizing the industry with the major level event known as the Michigan Film Gala.

Big Willow not only built a name for himself in the music and film industry, but he has used his ingenuity to create something to help independent artists, whether musicians, promoters, or filmmakers, to get their craft to the masses. As the CEO and Chairman of music distribution platform, Muuzic Distro and Co-Founder of MuuzicTyme Ent Network, Big Willow has taken his two passions and transformed the future of each. The film and music producer, distributor, and streaming Executive aims to change the way the world consumes art on a worldwide scale. These talents have been the core that has made his current projects possible.

Currently, Big Willow is in Production of New Urban Hip Hop Feature film, “HOOD CLEANER” helmed by himself, directed by Daris D. McKinney and executive produced by Delano Glass and Lauri Elle. The upcoming film will be made available through Big Willow’s Muuzictyme Entertainment Network for streaming. For other creatives, that would already be a dream come true, but Big Willow’s drive to make an impact on the industry and culture of music and film pushes him to continue surpassing his ceiling. He also takes the lead with conceptualizing themes and subject matter for iconic Hip Hop Guru Brother, J of the X-Clan. Big Willow is creating resources for the world and his family, extending the benefits of his music distribution service,, to his son and rapper, Lil Willow along with upcoming buzzing Detroit artists, “Dolla Jugganot,” and Big City of BCM.

A man of many talents, Big Willow has a lot in store, working as the Music Executive Producer of actor turned artist Brandon T Jackson, his new album, “DAWID DANCE” will have the expertise of one of the most creative minds of out the D. Big Willow is a visionary, to say the least, creating new norms and building his legacy. Follow his socials and check out his work and services.