July 24, 2024

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Bronx Rapper, Lokolil Is up Next To Achieve Mainstream Success

From living the street life to turning his experiences into hood stories over sample drill beats, Lokolil’s success in the industry is becoming a reality.

Bronx, NY born and raised, 21-year-old Lokolil may be young, but he is a veteran in the streets. His upbringing revolved around violence and hardships that have claimed the lives of friends and family around him. With Bronx Drill becoming one of the breakout eras of the industry, Lokolil picked up a mic in order to have an outlet for his pain and experiences endured living a life that many only rap about. His authenticity over sample drill beats, has made him an artist that fans respect and connect to.

Unlike many others riding the drill wave, Lokolil’s gritty lyrics flowing over dope melodies paints the dangerous scene that has been his life. Lokolil’s presence in the industry has been getting recognition from big names like No Jumper, Kazi Magazine, Shawn Barron from Motown, and YouTube sensation BLOU among others. Having viral singles like his “You Are My High” single on YouTube nearing 300,000 views, Lokolil has label deals on the table from major labels that know he’s the next big artist coming.

Music has changed Lokolil’s life and created a way out from the destructive path associated with his lifestyle. Having two babies of his own, Lokolil is focused on building his career as an artist to give his family a better life that doesn’t involve the dangers of the streets. His father who passed away earlier in the year would be proud to see his son’s name growing to mainstream status and on the path to buying his mother a mansion.

Currently, Lokolil is managed by the person that discovered the now famous rapper, Fivio Foreign and he is working on more music to dominate the rest of the year into 2022. Follow his socials and check out his music.
Instagram: @OfficialLokolil
YouTube: Lokolil
“You Are My High” (Prod. By JayKash):https://youtu.be/_B_rlAiQSCY