May 29, 2024

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Dez Pave releases new album “Another Gamble”

New Brighton, Staten Island artist Dez Pave has been the most creative young rhymer that has come from New York in quite sometime. Dez Pave was born in the Staten Island borough of New York City, and raised in the Richmond Terrace housing projects in Staten Island’s New Brighton neighborhood. He attended Ralph R. McKee high school, which is when he began taking music more serious, and would record songs with friends after class. In 2016, he started his own record label, Hommy Entertainment, and released his acclaimed debut album LifeLinez the following year, then he released two more well received albums, Life Ain’t Fair, and Live 4 2day, in 2018, and 2019 respectively.

In May 2021 he dropped his most epic project yet, “Another Gamble” so it’s pretty clear that Pave is here to stay.
“Another Gamble” is filled with high quality production and shows Pave’s diversity. From club ready songs like “V.I.P.” to story raps like “Back To The Streets” this album proves Dez Pave can please everyone(Partygoers, Ladies, Thugs, Lyrical Nerds, and Pimps). Another Gamble shows the incredible range of Dez Pave and is a buffet for rap fans.

Watch the music video here