May 29, 2024

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Kays, the passionate afro-fusion artist, returns with an impassioned track titled “Popstar,” out now via Kays Nation Media Inc.

The budding Vancouver-based producer has been on a creative high as of late, releasing a slew of new sounds. “Popstar” arrives as Kays’ third offering of the year, following his 10-track Heavenly Race EP, as well as his stand-out single “Intimidate.”

Today, Kays has returned with a sensational single, holding nothing back. Earlier this year in a press statement Kays said “I am just getting started,” after revealing his EP. And, those words are coming true. Having established his own unique afro-pop sound, Kays has had the freedom to focus on sharing his story and speak his truth.

In “Popstar” there is mention of the lavish lifestyle synonymous with being a popstar, along with the various temptations. While there’s no ignoring the party favors, the real addiction is the intense sexual chemistry with women.

In “Popstar” Kays’ soft, sensual lyricism is matched with light guitar strumming, fitted to a gentle beat, creating an undeniably sultry ambiance. In this track, it is made clear that Kays is hooked on a woman that he cannot get enough of. While it may not come across as a conventional love song, “Popstar” is a testament to his affection for women.

It’s true, the Nigerian-born artist is just getting started, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Fans can expect another raw release coming soon from Kays, one that will be accompanied by a music video where he has articulated a visual component to his music.

In the meantime, you can listen to Kays’ latest track “Popstar” at Spotify here